My Peanut Sized Paradise

Everyone has a favorite spot in which they love to read, write, do homework, or other things. These places may range from your kitchen counter to a comfy chair in your room, in the treetops of a park, or the hot sand on a beach. My perfect place to just chill is a beautiful, garden like, vast room, with high skylights that give you a glimpse of the blue sky, fluffy green grass like carpets that don’t give you allergies, a couple hammocks with nightstands filled with books, and plenty of spirals, laptops, and pencils to jot down your words.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s because my “perfect place” isn’t real. Well, not technically, at least. Let me clarify. My favorite spot to be in comes entirely from my imagination. No, my favorite place to be is my imagination.

Your imagination is the BEST thing a reader has. It’s a haven to escape to which will always be there. Unlike the current novel you are reading, your imagination can’t fall out of your bag or be accidentally left at home. Without an imagination, none of these novels we pour through daily would never have been written. Without an imagination, these novels would seem like the ridiculous fictitious scenarios of a crazy person. Without an imagination, you would never have moments where you feel like you know the main character of a story better than yourself. Without an imagination, acres of lush forest crawling with deadly monsters would merely be words on a Paige. Sorry, page. Jokes aside, we devoted readers would be obsessing over history textbooks if not for our imaginations. Textbooks. Blech.

Hopefully you are starting to understand why I am so obsessed with our imaginations. It’s a very important ability humans have that we would be no where without. Take some time to appreciate this wonderful piece of your mind and maybe indulge into my paradise. You might just find that this might house your paradise too.



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